Steven Stephenson

Web Developer & Designer
Baltimore, Maryland


I’m a designer and developer with 15 years of experience in design, development and management. I’m known for crafting high quality code and designing delightful digital experiences for companies of all shapes and sizes… I’ve won an award or two.  I’m a senior web developer at Rios Partners and run a small digital studio, Mighty Design Lab.





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Work Experience


Rios Partners

Senior Web Developer

I design and develop captivating websites, like, using WordPress, Laravel, Angular, Vue.JS, and USWDS. Actively engaged in client meetings, I ensure clear communication and project updates. Internally, I provide consultations, technical guidance to teams, and mentor junior developers.


Masai Interactive

Freelance Developer

I transformed creative briefs into designs for diverse clients, spanning healthcare to tech startups. Specializing in WordPress, I developed these designs into functional websites. Conducted site audits to provide recommendations for enhancing overall design and performance, while also handling general WordPress maintenance.


Johns Hopkins Medicine

Manager of Strategic Web Services

Managed a team of web specialist and engineers responsible for building applications and providing support for



Associate Director of Web Development

Led a new client support department, providing technical direction to a 9-person development team. Conducted performance reviews, developed growth plans, and offered day-to-day assistance. Collaborated on building an in-house component library for streamlined website development. Utilized Drupal 7/8, WordPress, Vue.js, and TypeScript for enterprise-level projects.



Rios Partners Website Redesign & Development

I took on the pivotal role of redesigning and developing a website with a dual focus on attracting new government contracts and talent acquisition. As the driving force behind the project, I spearheaded both the design and development aspects, ensuring a cohesive and compelling platform that effectively showcases our capabilities and appeals to potential clients and talented individuals alike.



I played a crucial role in providing creative direction, design, and leveraging Angular JS for the development. The primary objective of the website was to guide individuals to the resources essential for fostering innovation within the VA. A unique challenge was to infuse the site with a non-governmental aesthetic, while still adhering to government constraints. This involved a delicate balance of creativity and compliance, resulting in a platform that seamlessly bridges innovation with government requirements, making information accessible and engaging.


Center for Astrophysics

As the lead Drupal developer for the Center for Astrophysics project, I assumed a pivotal role in crafting the digital landscape. From conceptualization to execution, I meticulously designed and implemented the Drupal site architecture, modules, APIs, and themes. This comprehensive approach ensured a robust and cohesive platform that not only met the project requirements but also provided an optimal user experience. My expertise in Drupal development played a key role in establishing a dynamic and functional website tailored to the unique needs of the Center for Astrophysics.”


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Rekindling the Writing Flame

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