Performance and Accessibility

Lately at idfive, the topic of accessibility, testing and performance has been coming up more often.

These conversations started me down a week long binge researching and experimenting with tools to help make the sites we build faster, leaner and more accessible. The end result, is an ongoing gulp proof of concept that’s available on my github. The hope is to integrate our performance and accessibility (and eventually testing) standards into a tool we already use (gulp). For the next couple of weeks I’ll be slowly adding on to this, adding more performance task, and performance auditing task.

The major take away from this binge is to set a performance budget. Budgeting, not in the terms of money, but budgeting in terms of setting a maximum load time or how many request should be made… interesting stuff.

If there’s any tools, gulp modules, techniques, etc that you find helpful, comment below.