Server Migration Complete!

August 18, 2015

A couple of months, I had decided to move from my hosting provider of 8 years, and create a more cost-effective option for managing/hosting my websites. I moved my personal site on github pages and decided to use Pantheon for hosting client sites. I found that using Pantheon may be more costly than other hosting services, like GoDaddy, but it's worth it in due the security measures in place and I don't have to spend time managing a server. I also use Digital Ocean for my various experiments or to just f*ck around with a server every now and then.

The final step, which was completed moments ago, was finding an email hosting solution and setting up my email addresses. I like to separate my personal stuff and business. If you're in the same boat, and your looking for something free, I'd suggest Zoho mail. It wasn't unbarable to setup and if you use any other Zoho products it'll fit in well with your current system.

Anyhow, I've completed my migration and I'm not spending a fortune hosting and managing sites. Yaaay!


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